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Teen Makes Prom Dress Out of Gum Wrappers

A Texas teen has found a unique and cheap way to look great at the 2004 prom. Anna Childress, 16, started collecting gum wrappers last year to make her prom dress. She originally wanted to make the world's longest gum wrapper chain but it would have to be more than 21 miles long so she opted for the dress instead. It took 2,300 wrappers to complete the dress and the matching earrings

Famous Prom Queens

Some celebrities started their path to fame by being crowned prom queen. Actress, Meg Ryan was crowned queen in 1979. Alice Walker, well known author; Kay Bailey Hutchison, Republican Senator from Texas; Dominique Dawes, Olympic gold medallist gymnast; Rosie O'Donnell, actress and comedienne; Lynne Cheney, former Chair of the National Endowment for the Humanities and wife of Vice-President Dick Cheney; and Crystal Hyatt, one of the most well know women in the wrestling business: have all worn prom queen crowns.

Dud to Stud

Toby Hocking spent most of his high school career as a straight-A clarinet playing, social outcast. All of that changed when Playboy's Miss December read Toby's college entrance essay which talked about his lack of social life. Thirty-five year old Petra Verkiak offered to go with Toby to his girl ask guy winter formal. Toby has initial misgivings, but decided to go with the Playmate and enjoyed a fairy tale evening.

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