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Your prom night can be the best evening of high school, but it can also be the most expensive.

Typical Prom Costs for Girls
Typical Prom Costs for Guys

Prom costs can greatly vary depending on how formal your school makes the dance and how much your want to splurge on prom options. You can have a great time without spending a fortune. Take time to plan ahead. Make a list of how much you are willing to spend on each aspect of prom. Add up the components and you have…gasp… the total you will need for prom night.

Nationwide, Nationally prom costs average $1048.00. Some people spend a lot less, and some spend well over a $1000.00. Prom dresses and tuxedos are only the beginning of prom costs.

Prom pictures, dinner, prom tickets, flowers, and possibly limousines all add up to big bucks. Be realistic about what you expect to spend. The earlier you plan, the easier it is to have everything you want for your special night!

KC Proms makes your prom shopping a breeze. No matter what your budget, KC Proms has local and national vendors offering all the hottest styles and locations for every service associated with your prom night.

Typical Prom Costs for Girls:

Item Average Costs Your Cost
Prom Dress $160-500 $_______
Boutonniere $15-40 $_______
Accessories $100-300 $_______
Evening Bag   $_______
Jewelry   $_______
Shawl or Wrap   $_______
Shoes   $_______
Undergarments   $_______
Hair (Cut/Color/Style) $35-75 $_______
Manicure and/or Pedicure $25-60 $_______
Other Style Services $25-50 $_______
(waxing, tweezing, tanning)   $_______
Makeup $30-65 $_______
(purchase or application)   $_______
Average Cost Range $375-$1225 $_______

Typical Prom Costs for Guys:

Item Average Costs Your Cost
Tuxedo $50-200 $_______
Accessories $100-300 $_______
(shoes, top hats, vests)   $_______
Hair $20-40 $_______
Prom Tickets $40-100 $_______
Pre-Prom Dinner $50-150 $_______
Corsage $25-45 $_______
Photographs $50-100 $_______
Transportation $20-500 $_______
(own vehicle or limo)   $_______
Average Cost Range $245-$1195 $_______