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Organization is the key to a successful prom. Your prom committee will need to select responsible persons to handle each phase of prom planning. Each sub-committee will report on planning progress. The following are the necessary core prom committees:

  • Steering
  • Entertainment
  • Decorations
  • Fund Raising
  • Publicity
  • Favors
  • Security
  • Clean-Up

Steering Committee- is made up of the heads of each of the other committees along with faculty advisors and sponsors. This group will decide on fundamental questions such as budget, location and theme.

Entertainment- is responsible to explore different entertainment options such as bands or DJ's.

Decoration- is responsible for designing, obtaining and setting up the decorations to match the prom theme. In addition they will make decisions concerning flowers and accessories for the prom court.

Fund Raising- is responsible for developing fund raisers to complete budget requirements for prom expenses.

Publicity/Printing- is responsible for advertisement of the prom to students and the local community and to obtain tickets and send prom stills to local newspapers. Handles ticket sales to students. Register prom info at KC Prom

Favors- is responsible for exploring prom favor options for attendees and obtain the official photographer for prom stills.

Security- is responsible for obtaining chaperons and setting up a coat check and ticket collection table

Clean-Up- is responsible for clean up after the prom festivities.