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Your prom dress will set the mood for your prom evening. Find a prom dress that matches your own personal style and budget. Prom dresses are not cheap! Expect to spend between $160-$500 for your dress. Check out Prom Trends for current hot fashion trends in formal wear.

Be realistic about what styles best fit you. What looks great on the rack may not be the best prom dress for you. You might want to consider taking a Polaroid or digital camera with you on your prom dress shopping day to compare how you look in different dresses. Allow enough time for any alterations that you might need to have on your dress.

Some dress shops special order dresses that they do not carry in their stores. Special order prom dresses usually take 6-8 weeks to get into the store. Shopping early gives you the most options in obtaining the perfect prom dress.

Looking for a prom site that offers a wide selection of prom dresses? We guarantee you'll not only find the ideal prom gown for that long-awaited prom night but we'll also give you options of prom hairstyles to go with

Guys want to look their best at prom. Choosing a prom tuxedo can be an overwhelming task. Consider your body type to give you the ultimate style that fits you. There are four basic body types: tall and thin, tall and husky/muscular, short and slim, and short and broad.

Tall and thin guys can choose from almost all styles of tuxedos. You may want to consider a double-breasted jacket with a tighter waist to give a "hulky" look. Tall and husky guys may want to consider a shawl collar to draw the line of sight down instead of across, and if you have a large waist go for a vest instead of a cummerbund. Stay away from double-breasted jackets. Short and slim guys look best in single-breasted jackets cut low with two or three buttons. Short and broad guys should try shawl collared low cut jackets with one or two buttons. Stay away from double-breasted jackets and consider a vest instead of a cummerbund.

Reserve your prom tuxedo well in advance of your school dance so that you will have the greatest selection. Your tuxedo shop will take measurements to assure a proper fit.

Details make "the look". Prom jewelry, dress shoes, evening bags and wraps all work together to complete the perfect ensemble. Consider taking a fabric swatch from your prom dress with you during accessory shopping. Even black can have many different shades. Most stores do not allow for returns or exchanges on these type of purchases. Evening wear accessories can be expensive, but classic accessories can be used with other outfits.

Evening shoes can be that dramatic punctuation to a great prom outfit. Remember that style is important, but comfort is more important. After all, you want to enjoy your time on the dance floor, and that is impossible when all you can think about is getting off your feet. Finding perfect shoes can be time consuming. Consider shoe shopping in the later part of the day to get the best fit. Feet actually are larger in the afternoon and evening than in the morning.