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Prom parents have concerns.

Will my child be safe? How much will prom cost? What do I need to discuss before the big evening?

Suggest that your teen develops a budget for their expected prom costs (see Dollars and Sense) so both of you have an understanding of what to expect. Allow plenty of time so that you are not rushed into making a decision on prom attire. When your son says he needs a tux, hand him the phone and phone book to get quotes from at least two or three different rental stores. Then gently remind him that he needs dress shoes and black socks also. If the budget they have come up with is more than you expected to spend, let them know that both of you will need to become creative in order to be able to get everything they want. Start looking for specials and discounts!

Talk to other parents that have children traveling with your teenager. You may be able to gather at one house to take pre-prom pictures and you can also discuss post prom events and expectations. Discuss your expectations of your teenager for this special event. Many schools offer after proms that provide a safe environment and do not allow early departure. Don't shy away from talking about drinking and drugs The Kansas City metro area has very stringent laws concerning rooms rented for minors by parents and guardians. Encourage your son or daughter to have a good time while being safe.

Other resources:

Safe Prom Partnership 816-468-0400
MADD Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Who pays for what?

Tickets - This can be either party or a shared expense.
Attire - Both parties pay for their own attire.
Flowers - Both parties purchase a corsage for the other.
Limousine- Normally shared among the riders
After Prom Activities - Both parties pay their own way.