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When you start to think about prom hairstyles, consider the shape of your face. There are five basic face shapes: oval, heart shaped, long, round and square. If you don't know what shape your face you may use these guidelines shown below.For exciting updos for every shape of face click on the Hair Styles link along with Kansas City's finest salons to help you achieve your prom look.

Prom hairstyles are filled with glamour. Updos that make a gal look like a princess for the evening rule. Whatever prom hairstyle you choose be sure and try out the look before prom day. A test run will make sure that you like the style you have chosen, and let you know whether it will suit your type of hair. Here are some of the latest updo looks.


Oval:The jaw line may be slightly narrower than the temples, the hairline is probably gently rounded and may be high up on the forehead. The widest measurement is two thirds the length of your face You are lucky indeed if you have an oval shaped faced because this is considered the most proportional of the face types. Oval shaped faces can wear their hair long, short or medium. Stay away from bangs.

Heart Shaped: The chin is the narrowest feature of the face, and the cheeks are wider than the forehead. The hairline may a peak down front. The ideal hair length for a heart-shaped face is two inches above the chin to chin-length. Wearing the hair behind the ear would be advantageous. Bangs work very well, and updos are best when a few wisps of hair are left around the ears and down to the chin. Stay away from hairstyles puffed up at the top because they tend to make a top heavy look. Straight hair will accentuate the angles of the chin.

Oblong face: The face is long and slender, about the same width at the forehead as it is as the cheeks, but there is no specific ratio of length to width. The chin may be nearly the same width as the cheeks or it may be slightly smaller. The forehead may be very high Long and rectangular-shaped faces need hair that is chin-length or longer. A side part will help cut into the length of the face. Heavy bangs with feathering and hair fullness are needed to frame the face. Curly or wavy hair is best because it creates fullness and dimension, making the face appear more oval.

Round : Your chin is round, as is your hair line. Your cheeks are approximately the same width as the measurement from hair line to chin. Shorter hairstyles work best with round faces. Wear an off-center part, and/or hair swept back since this will elongate your face. If you want to wear your hair longer, then be sure that you wear it at more than chin-length- you might even consider having it layered so that it is fuller on top. Stay away from center parts, or short hair that is cut with a round cut, because this will make your face look wide and heavy

Diamond Shaped: The cheek bones are widest, and the forehead and chin may be pretty much equal in width, or the chin might be only a little smaller than the forehead. The hairline may be straight, or peaked in the front. Like the oval face, most hair styles also work because it’s a very balanced face type. All hair lengths are fine, too. Try not to cover up your features too much with hair. If you’re wearing an updo, an all-gathered up look without trailing wisps will work best. . Square faces look best when hair is cut just below the chin or is shoulder-length. This will help soften the jaw and cheekbones. For the same reason, wavy, layered and curly hair are excellent for this shape.